Aria’s front-facing bookshelf

We like books with photos or realistic drawings.

Potty and favourite book

All the legumes in our pantry

  • We removed our coffee table. It’s one of those design glass tables that easily flips if you put any weight on the side. It would have been dangerous for Aria and my table.
  • We moved some cabinets in front of some electrical sockets and cables, so she wouldn’t be…

Why we use sign language

  • Children develop in a way that they can connect language to movements before they can speak.
  • As you can read in our last post, we’re a multilingual family. Children that grow up with multiple languages usually take more time to learn to speak.
  • The usage of signs will enable us to communicate better with Aria at a…

  • We want Matteo to feel at home. …

  • From following your baby’s sleep cue’s to sleeping on a schedule.
  • From breastfeeding on demand to bottle-feeding on a schedule.
  • From letting your baby cry to sleep to nursing your baby to sleep.
  • From using baby seats on wheels to letting your child naturally develop their gross motor skills.
  • From sturdy to flexible first shoes.

What would it be like in the natural world?

Milk break in the middle of the forest

1. Get help from a lactation expert

Sarah Denayer

Mom of two | Curious | Designing people-oriented digital services for clients

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